The world is drastically different when experienced at various scales. We consider everything from a human-sized perspective, but so much contributes to our lives that's too small to be seen and collectively, we compose something larger than what we can hope to see.

The third TALKS installment, held on May 14th, 2015 at 2:00pm in the Biotech Auditorium, brings together four world-renowned thinkers and speakers of the Rensselaer Community to consider the way varying scale creates the universe we live in. Let us join together and discuss Matters of Scale.

Dick Siegel

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering | Ph.D, Metallurgy, University of Illinois

From Nanoscale to Macroscale

Fleet Hower

Professor of Architecture | M.Arch. and MLA, University of Pennyslvania

21st Century Brick

Wayne Roberge

Professor of Physics | Ph.D., Theoretical Astrophysics, Harvard University

How to Build a Universe

Michael Fortun

Professor of Science & Technology Studies | Ph.D., History of Science, Harvard University

The 'Good Scientist' in the Time of Big Data

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