What is TALKS?

TALKS works to guide individuals and groups to learn and expand their horizons through short, bi-annual, TED-style talks given by outstanding members of the community.

Exhibition. TALKS exposes many amazing things in the community that might go unnoticed. By bringing in diverse speakers with incredible backgrounds, attendees are exposed to new ideas.

Inspiration. After attending a conference or watching a video online, TALKS hopes that you leave motivated, thought-provoked, and curious.

Facilitation. TALKS hopes to create a living dialogue within the campus community - that it serves as a medium to share thoughts.

For the Community

The motivation behind TALKS is to create atmosphere - an atmosphere of excitement with collaboration, community, and transparency at its core. "TALKS," in short, will be more than just talks. The intention is to split the event into seminar-style 10-15 minute TALKS and a reception afterwards for people to meet to the speakers and others in the community. It is in this sense that TALKS aligns with the CLASS initiative.

Organization & Layout

How We Can Succeed

Above all, TALKS stands out as an event that's unique to Rensselaer. At its core, TALKS has different intentions than many of the other lecture series because it focuses on quick, interesting, and inspirational comments given by amazing speakers, thinkers, and leaders in the community. TALKS rests on its ability to spark something within the listeners rather than long, informative lectures about very particular or technical topics.

Some of the things that will contribute to making the community aware of TALKS: